Sunday, June 18, 2006


Cleaning off the dust

I haven't posted here in about a billion years because I haven't had time to code. I've been so busy at work, due to where we are in the release cycle. We are inching closer to gold and so everyone is putting in lots of time and effort.

I've started a small comic collection and so I should plug a couple of sites. First, support your local comic book store. These guys provide many valuable services like back issues, special requests, and just knowing their customers. It's important that they aren't eaten by giants like Amazon and the like. In that spirit, if you're in the Orlando area may I suggest you pay a visit to Acme Comics. These guys have really taken care of me. Orlando is lucky to have several local comic book artists. If you like humor and anthro, check out Altamonte Springs resident Derrick Fish. His webcomic Dandy & Company is worth a look. Another project he is involved with is a collaboration with local writer Marc Hammond in Tails to Amaze. Tails is really a local treat since it doesn't have wide distribution at this time. The first issue is excellent though. Finally, once you've built up your exciting new comic collection, may I suggest managing it with Stash My Comics. Despite being written entirely in ASP, webmaster Igor Nikitenko has created a fantastic and free community site for managing your collection. There are a lot of comic book manager programs, and a couple of similar web sites but this one is by far the best.

Hopefully, I'll be back to coding very soon.

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