Thursday, May 03, 2007


New home compruter

A new iMac recently arrived. I have had an on and off again relationship with Apple products. Actually I've only personally owned two other Macs - a Bondi Blue iMac and a PowerBook 520 (not a 520c). Mom had a PowerMac 6300 also, back in the pre-"G" days.

Anyway, it all started innocently enough. I was working on a video presentation at work. I have a Mini on my desk (for.. uh.. testing purposes, of course, not just iTunes). It occurred to me that I needed to take a look at the movie capabilities built in to the mini. I was completely blown away by the free iMovie. I have done some NLE before (old school premier and Ulead's rubbish). iMovie blew all of that out of the water. I wish I could YouTube this video since it's a little bit funny.

ANYWAY... I looked at the online Apple store for a while, then went down to the Apple Store at Millenia, then looked online some more, then compared prices of my company discount vs. my school discount (school is better)... Finally wound up getting a 24" refurb. The warranty is the same on refurbs as new, and I was able to extend it for the same price as new (I was going to extend the warranty anyway). It was a no-brainer. Let me just say this right now. Apple or no, if you have the means, go out and get a 24" widescreen monitor for your computer. It is almost overwhelming to see the desktop take up so much of your view. I have a totally different posture with this system (leaning back, more comfortable) than with the 19" standard LCD I was using before. This isn't supposed to be my primary system, but come on... it's new and shiny.

ANYWAY: Also bought Final Cut Express HD 3.5. Played with GarageBand and Soundtrack (comes with FCE) last night - sweet. I really haven't felt this creative since I was a kid. Now I have to get out there and start shooting video.


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