Thursday, October 21, 2004


America, fuck yeah!

Saw Team America: World Police this weekend. It's a great movie. They really made it funny on so many levels. For instance, the puppets - the limited, awkward motion and poor details were pretty damn hilarious (and intentionally so... like a Thunderbirds/MST3K demon love child of some sort.) I wish there was more of Sarah and INTELLIGENCE though. Anyway, go see it if you can (fuck yeah).

In other news, the new job partied like it was 1999 today (you know, before the tech bubble burst). Happy hour, a tradition the department I now work in apparently celebrates fairly frequently, involves beer, ice cream, and partying for free during working hours. Crrrrrrrrazy! No pictures, but continuing the 1990's theme take a look at my web cam. The Nascar stuff isn't mine - I'm sharing the office with Young Fred the Intern. Posted by Hello

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