Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Photoblogging bonanza

Brought the camera to work today so I could do a little bit of photoblogging!

Here's Lucky and Colleen actually being friendly. Later, Lucky sniffed Colleen's back so she hit him in the FACE!

The outside of my office. Note that my officemate has some sort of HTML comment instead of a name. He's not here much but seems nice despite the horror stories I heard. Young Fred (as I have nicknamed him) is in to Nascar. That explains why he has a giant Jeff Gordon poster. At least you'd think so, unless you are a few offices down from me and claim that the "man poster" is evidence of "fruityness".

One angle of my desk. You can see the flat panel is sitting on the official work monitor stand. Oh, I just noticed that box under my desk! I meant to put it out. You'd think it would have obstructed my legs whenst using the laptop. I haven't used it a lot today, it's been busy.

Another angle of my desk. I have a pretty nice collection of systems here, all nice P4's except for that HP box to the left. It has a PA-RISC and runs HPUX 11.11. That's probably why it's turned off and unplugged. Just kidding. The monitor is not sitting on a computer, that's an ADIC VLS tape library. I think I asked my parents for an ADIC VLS tape library for christmas one year. That's a funny joke to everyone except my parents. Posted by Hello

You should post a better close-up of your "monitor stand". It's just too funny :)
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