Saturday, October 30, 2004


Compulsory blog update

I'm supposed to post here to let everyone know that, while shopping at Target, Tracey accidentally squirted lotion up her nose. She was trying to see what it smelled like. Everyone (including Tracey) says I have to post this on my blog so here it is.

Are you a supertaster? Take this test!

Oh my god, is she oaky? I hear you can catch the Monkeypox from doing that.
Not only did I rate as a Supertaster, they said I was also supertasty! Woooo, now isn't that the best thing ever!

That's funny, I have also squirted lotion up my nose, but on purpose.
I didn't do it on purpose! :p

Jamie wanted to know if I put it back. Then he was like, I mean on the shelf...not the lotion back in the container after it was in your nose...

So FOR THE RECORD, I bought the same tube I accidentally squirted up my nostril. No, I didn't catch anything. Except my nose felt runny for a while :p
I would recommend you should buy a brand new one.
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