Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Creature of...

Look, I'll be honest with you... I want this out in the open from the start. You deserve to know: I'm not a virgin. This isn't my first blog.

Let's just take this slow, OK? No promises, no commitments. It's just for fun. I'll come visit you when I have something to say to the world at large. If you need me, look me up. Everyone needs an outlet. It's not good to bottle it in.

Anyway, you're sexy. Your look, your features... Who knows? Maybe one day we'll get serious. No promises - old habits die hard. For now, let's just keep things casual.

Thinking of you,

Casual blogger

It better stay casual! I'd hate to have to "loreena bobbit" you! ;)

The Wifey
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