Friday, October 08, 2004


Crummy day

Crap day

Moto MPx220 tickled my fancy. Here's the scoop near as I can figure. The phone is exclusive in the USA with Cingular and Best Buy right now. BB is carrying them, and they're probably unlocked too. They are 500 w/o service, 350 w/service and some breaks for 1 and 2 yr contracts. There are some big problems with these phones. Low battery life, bad RF, cheap feeling, volume problems, terrible cam w/useless "flash"... Moto hasn't put out a good phone in a while and this isn't bucking the trends. The 6620 still looks nice but it's big and expensive. Guess I'll hang on to the SL56 for a while, since it's working and all. The merger needs to happen soon, it seems like Cingular is actually getting sets before ATT (that never used to happen).

Not that today hasn't been without good news. WoW open beta looks to be right around the corner. I bet signups will start early next week.

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