Sunday, October 10, 2004


The first debate Bush conspiracy

This is a little hard to find due to the difficulty in picking out search terms. Here's a link to a reprint of one of the best articles summarizing the "Bush was wearing a wire/earpiece during the first debate" theory:,14779,1323334,00.html

(Incidentally, turns out the best terms are "bush debate bulge". Heh) Posted by Hello

Conclusions: The image of a "mysterious box" or "form bunching up" under the president's suit jacket was likely caused by a COMBINATION OF (1) sweat; (2) a heavily starched shirt under the suit jacket, (3) Mr. Bush's "leaning over" and "angled" posture; (4) the angle of the lighting on stage that illuminated the president's head and back; (5) the sheen of the fabric in Mr. Bush's suit jacket.
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