Thursday, October 14, 2004


Gmail drive

I installed Gmail drive today. It's pretty buggy. Plus, I feel guilty messing with it. Google has to have anticipated a certain percentage of users stealing their space and bandwidth for storing their MP3s or valuable Excel spreadsheets or pictures of their dog. I don't know if they realized how easy it would be. This bypasses their revenue stream and maybe is a little rougher on their systems than your average Gmail user - Gmail drive users may use more bandwidth and the messages that compose the file system are probably not as compressable as real email. It will be interesting to see if Google decides to address this, and how they go about that. One thing to think about - let's say this was Microsoft or Yahoo with the 1GB email drive and someone created Yahoo drive. How would they respond? Consider the amount of advertising on Hotmail and Yahoo mail. I'd venture to guess they have more to lose.

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