Thursday, October 07, 2004



I like the satellite radio. I've been an XM subscriber for almost a year now. I think it's pretty swell. Comedy is probably my home channel - Sonny Fox has to be the hardest working DJ in the business. I swear that guy is up all day and night. I wonder how much of his stuff is pre-recorded - it must be a lot. I doubt he works 18 hour days. The comedy channel is pretty awesome - very few repeats, a good mix of stuff.

I listen to a handful of other channels. U-pop is good when they play non-US stuff. I used to listen to Discovery but if you listen for about a month you've heard everything (probably 3 or 4 times) and they hardly ever update. Decades, occationally. Cinemagic is pretty awesome. So, there's a lot of kind of esoteric programming that I listen to, as well as the uncensored comedy channel - I certainly get my money's worth with the amount of time I spend in the car.

My other radio habits include Stern, though. With yesterday's announcement, I bought 100 shares of SIRI. I'm not ready to pick up the equipment yet. The 2.5 generation stuff is what's out for Christmas and none of it is bowling me over. The PnP receivers are pretty blah. The only thing remotely interesting is "Sirius Connect", the Sirius version of XM's "XM Direct". I don't know if either XM Direct or Sirius Connect will work with the Prius, but I suspect both will in the end. Either way, I'm definately not getting XM Direct now.

Sirius Connect is a possibility. If the Sirius PnP receivers aren't any better by say... Mid 2005, I'll look into it. XM's Delphi Skyfi2 is setting the bar right now. XM seems to be the innovator in hardware and pricing as well - not looking forward to a $3+ increase in subscription fees. Let's hope the PnP receivers get better. I need a pause button for phone calls.

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