Friday, October 29, 2004


Sun Ultra 10s are so slow!

(How slow are they?)

They're so slow, they leave a slime trail on their way to their spot in your lab setup! Plus it took me two weeks to get one. In an exercise in absurdity, I'm compiling NetBSD on one. It should be done in about... three days or so. I could get at least two glasses of water out of the slow water filter thingy at work. Every once in a while, make time to work on a slow piece of shit. Chances are you've been taking years of computing speed advances for granted.

I thought it was funny that when I do anyhting to put data on the screen (for instance, an ls -l that's more than a page long), the computer stops all processing. It has the default Ultra Sparc 10 framebuffer, whatever that is. Anyway I'm a dork.

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