Monday, May 16, 2005


A break

Got pulled over for speeding in Louisiana. I was on the very lonely stretch of highway between Baton Rouge and Shreveport. The officer was parked in the tall grass growing in the center. As I approached, I spotted him, looked down at the spedometer (it said 80 as I recall), and looked back up. He was starting to pull out so I started to pull over. Eventually he was coming up behind me with the lights on so I pulled off to the side.

84 in a 70 was what he read, and he was probably right. He asked where I was heading - I said Dallas for simplicity. He took my license and went back to the car. When he came back, he handed me the ticket and clipboard and asked me to sign. As I signed, he said he was writing me a ticket for a seatbelt infraction. He said it would be something like $25. That's a major break and it was a big surprise. I thanked him and drove off, keeping a much closer eye on the spedometer (especially since I couldn't tell if he was following me).

My first thought was that I got a break because I was in Tracey's beater. I'm all stuffed in there so maybe he felt some sympathy. Others have suggested that it was because I pulled over right away. That's a possibility I suppose. I was just happy to get a break.

There's a picture I want to post from a prior trip through Louisiana. It's just a little landmark that I always notice when driving I-10. Maybe I will post it later.

My car is NOT a beater :p
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