Saturday, May 21, 2005


Day 1 - Waikiki

Waikiki is on Honolulu. It was about 30 minutes from the airport in a cab. Tracey decided cabs were the best way to go and it paid off - we got a limo for a cab. The fare was $40 to the hotel for 4 which is roughly what the shuttle would have cost.


Open air everything - when we arrived, the weather felt a lot like the weather in Orlando. At first it seemed that we really hadn't left even. Eventually you notice that a lot of the island is open air. Our hotel lobby has no roof over half of it, and few walls. This requires cooperative weather and no mosquitoes. Florida fails both requirements. Now I understand why the term Lanai is so popular. Is the weather like this year round?

Aloha - The translation I heard was that Aloha means hello and goodbye, but there is more to this word than those two thoughts. I saw a number of usages that seem to infer some sort of Hawaiian identity or culture. Need to research that more.

ABC stores - Waikiki has more of these than Orlando has Walgreens and 7-11's combined. Some blocks have two. Our hotel has at least one inside and at least one outside. It's some sort of convenience store. Probably Hawaiian mafia.

Japanese - The Japanese are everywhere. It seems to dominate English as the language and Japanese tourists seem to outnumber American tourists. Do more Japanese visit Hawaii than Americans or is this a Honolulu or Waikiki phenomenon?

Verizon's 1x-RTT service is giving me 400 and 500 pings. I was getting 300s in Lake Mary so I guess that the transcontinental link may be a factor. Signal strength in the Hotel room is 100%.

Time zone - I say it's 5 hours behind Eastern, Steve says 6 hours. We'll see :)

You know, Hawaii has way too much wildlife. You may want to tell them about the wildlife eradication program we have here.
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