Thursday, May 26, 2005


Day 2 - Waikiki

The day started with hopping in a rented 2005 Mustang convertible and heading to the Dole plantation. Someone should have told me that pineapples are so awesome. I never really ate them before, but now... I'm addicted. I think they put crack in them at the Dole plantation. Since I've been there I've eaten something like 1200 pineapples. It takes almost 2 years to grow a pineapple, so I won't be trying to grow these at home, but I will be buying them at the Publix.

So, around 1920 (if I remember right, it's been a few days now), James Dole heads to Hawaii and realizes pineapple grows really well here. He buys up a ton of land really cheap, brings in a crapload of foreign labor from China, the Philipines, and Portugal (not enough Hawaiians to do the job I guess). We took a brief tour that shows all the Dole workers working at a very leisurly pace. I wonder what the working conditions were like back in the early days of the Dole plantation. What were they paying these laborers (if anything)?

After the Dole plantation, we took the Mustang around Oahu. We rode around the north shore (traffic was terrible!) and finally caught H3 back to H1 to Waikiki. H3 had a neat tunnel through the mountains in the center of the island. Spiffy.

Well, you know what they say about old man Dole... They probably paid them with rice and beat them with pineapples if they back talked.
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