Thursday, May 26, 2005


Day 4 - Kawai

Kawai is really cool. It's nicknamed "the garden island". We did kind of a long tour called Hollywood in Hawaii. Kawai has hosted a lot of movies, some which you wouldn't expect. They gave us a long excel spreadsheet and an annotated map. As we approached scenes, a DVD player showed a short clip.

One of the stops was the Coco Palms, which as far as I can tell was only featured in Blue Hawaii. Elvis apparently liked the place and had his own suite. We spent way too long (in my estimation) tooling around this hotel property which has been unused since 1992. It's a big mess at this point although some people think it will be restored and reopened soon. The property was recently purchased for $10 million. I think it will need $50 million of work. Steve thinks $200 million.

The American crew on the ship is strange. It's really unusual to hear the chatter of the employees in English. Furthermore they talk the way US employees talk, IE about their boss, their shift, co-workers, etc. The service has been fair so far except for dinners. The dinner service is terrible. Extremely slow. Even the maintenance crew is American. One thing that's weird is that some of the employees are middle-aged and overweight which is unusual on a cruise - but not unwelcome. I don't mind a real crew on a ship rather than the artifically young crews from international cruises - as long as the service is great.

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