Sunday, May 29, 2005


Day 8 - Maui

I feel sicker than ever. My throat is so sore I can barely swallow.

Tonight, on the bus to the Lu`au, I ran out right as we pulled in to the hotel where it was being held. That shouldn't be a problem because every hotel gift shop has cough drops. Unfortunately, it rained pretty hard right before we got there. All 13 busses had to wait for 30 minutes. I thought I was going to die. Eventually I got off with the "I have to go to the bathroom" excuse and bought some. Tracey also needed some gum because her breath was totally garlicky.

We rented a car today and drove to Lahaina. We were going to just drive around but again I was out of cough drops and had to go to Long's. Long's is the Hawaii drug store and seems to be almost half as prolific as ABC stores, which is quite an accomplishment. I bought some uber halls or something that had benzine and menthol. They work pretty well. Unfortunately I left most of them in the rental before the Lu`au. After we found the Long's we didn't really have time to explore Lahaina. Driving through it reminded Tracey of Key West and I agree. We had to get back to the ship for her Spa appointment.

The rental is a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It has a nice trip computer and a weird shifter. I think it's in 4 wheel drive mode all the time as well. The theory is that we will need this to drive "the road to Hana", but Maui Unleashed or whatever it's called disputes that idea. We'll see.

You know, I can't stop thinking about Maui X-stream Software and the surrounding controversy when I'm in Maui and to a lesser extent Hawaii at large. I can't imagine that there are even a dozen programming jobs in Maui. Real programming jobs are probably pretty hard to come by even on Oahu. It's a very unusual setting for this kind of controversy. GPL violations are totally against the "Aloha spirit" I'm pretty sure. I should have gotten their address and checked it out if it was nearby.

I need to create an avatar of Elvis from Blue Hawaii. I have a specific scene in mind for a still or an animated gif. When I get back home I'll have to grab the DVD.

Try Whiskey. I've cured strept throat with it twice when I was in countries where I couldn't get to a doctor.
I was thinking about trying Mai Tai's but I doubt they mix well with Sudafed :)
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