Monday, May 30, 2005


Day 9 - Maui

After waking up at 1 AM feeling terrible, I got up at 8 AM and felt much better than yesterday. I'm bringing all my cough drops to dinner to give away to my travel companions (four of whom have gotten sick). The Sepocol was a big hit.

Our big plan was to wake up at like... 6 or something today so we could get on the road to Hana nice and early. It seemed like a good idea since the road is supposed to be pretty long and the idea was supported by the uber guidebook of the century, Maui Revealed or whatever it's called. Well, apparently Tracey made an executive decision to let me sleep in or something (funny how I got up before her) so we didn't get out until around 9. Then, we tooled around at KMart and stuff and finally hit the road at 11.

The driving was pretty interesting. If you enjoy driving I really suggest you try this. I do get carsick and this is the only time I have ever gotten a little bit nauseous as the driver (normally being the passenger or worse, the back seat makes me ill). Tracey took a ton of pictures all of which are fantastic. It's hard to believe that some of them are real. I have a billion to post but no time really.

Speaking of no time, we were really in a hurry so there was a lot to miss on this road. We did see all the waterfalls visible from the road and then some (a couple of smaller ones at the side that were not mentioned in the guidebook). We stopped and ate at Halfway to Hana (really 2/3 of the way to Hana). We stopped for pictures four or five times. Unfortunatley, we had to turn around pretty much as soon as we arrived in Hana. One really memorable moment was coming out of one turn and seeing a road about 500 feet above our current altitude in the next mountainside. I thought there was no possible way we could get up there but after a few hairpin turns we started the ascent. This road has tons of altitude changes so this wasn't unusual but it was interesting to really see ahead of time just how high we were going. The cars on this higher road looked so small.

Put the bags out tonight with White tags on a Pink tagged floor. White is the color used by 8, which is Steve's floor and leaves earlier than ours. They said we can do it so we'll see how it goes when we get off tomorrow.

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