Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Wireless digital camera

How come nobody is making a bluetooth digital camera yet? I would totally photoblog if I could just snap pics and what not and have them sync up to my computer when the camera gets in range. The usb cable / card reader bullshit is just annoying.

Sony has one (DSC-FX77) but it came out in 2002 and doesn't seem to be available. A noname company Concord makes one but it's more of a webcam like toy than a digital camera. Kodak is working on a wi-fi camera but it's expensive and BT seems more appropriate for a transfer technology (standard profiles for interoperability, short range, good availability).

Hey, this one is wireless!
Sweeeeeeeeeeeet Yeah, it's about $12k...but..but...

Also Kodak is coming out with one, it says in June? The Kodak

And lets not forget this one...for when you want to get those really "deep" pictures!!! ;)

And another blogger had this discussion not a month ago!

Pretty cool stuff! :) That Kodak looks to be a good option!
Yes, I saw the $12k one but I didn't think it was worth mentioning. The Kodak was in the article already.
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