Thursday, October 27, 2005


First parts for home satellite system arriving

Got the Sirius mod from in. The alpine tuner is set to arrive tomorrow. My house is being tiled at the moment and I have to stay home during that process. So, I will have time to work on the Perl code needed to support this crazy idea. How exciting for me!

Surfing around makes me want to learn a lot more about Electrical Engineering. I checked and the local community "collage" does indeed have a couple of Electrical Engineering classes. Registration is in November... The only hesitation is the intro to EE prereq... 5 credit hours of learning V=IR probably. If I can get my friend Bill to sign up I'm in. On the other hand he may take Physics next semester and seeing him in intro physics might be too funny to miss. Sparkfun has most of the parts you would need to make your own GPS enabled GSM MP3 USB LCD cell phone with accelerometer. And don't we all?

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