Saturday, October 22, 2005


Home satellite radio distribution

Here's my great idea for distributing satellite radio around and about my house (and also to my desk at work).


* SIR-ALP1 Sirius Connect receiver for Alpine head units
* RS-232 mod for SIR-ALP1 from (+ power supply)
* Ramsey FM10C FM transmitter (w/power supply)
* Icecast2 server for Linux
* Darkice streamer creating MP3 streams
* Need to create a whole buncha Perl libraries to communicate with the Sirius gear - analogous to CPAN's Audio::XMPCR

Right now my concerns are with the FM10C. I will be broadcasting Howard Stern to various radios around my house. I know the FM10C is strong enough to do it. My concern is that it will leak too much and be scrutinized by someone else. I have searched and searched the Internet and FCC regulations themselves and it seems that obscenity and indecency regulations don't apply to part 15 very low power devices. This seems to be confirmed by the fact that nobody has been fined for playing George Carlin on their Griffin iTrip. In fact many Sirius Howard Stern listeners will be listening via the FM transmitter built in to plug and play radios.

A bit more - the FM10C should meet or exceed the part 15 requirement of no more than 250 microvolts per meter at 3 meters distance. This puts me square into the consumer/hobbyist realm of FCC licensing. FCC indecency and obscenity regulations apply to broadcast license holders, not individual broadcasters. So these things shouldn't concern me, hopefully. I'm going to keep looking. Don't take this as legal advice, BTW, these are just my probably inaccurate conclusions.

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