Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Mmmm... bread

In the tradition of my friend and fellow blogger Jeff, I am going to post some pictures of food. I made bread this weekend...

Well, I'm not sure if this can be called making bread, but I did it. Sort of :) I do have a tip for checking yeast. Next time you pull that old bread mix out of the pantry, empty the yeast packet into some warm water and add a teaspoon or so of sugar. If the yeast is even partly alive, within about ten minutes you'll see some activity - bubbles which hopefully escalate to a little bit of foam. This is good. Add the whole yeasty business to your dough and turn it on. Even if 3/4 of the yeast is dead you've "awakened" enough of it to reproduce and "goodify" your bread. (I've placed the highly technical terms in quotes for your convenience.)

The finished product! Golden and delicious. It's really best when it's still warm enough to melt butter by itself. Proof - I haven't eaten any since Sunday :( Posted by Picasa
BTW - it's really sad that Blogger's picture publishing tools still suck. To post multiple pictures you have to use "Hello" (a windows only app) and an undocumented feature (the double-pipe trick) to put more than one picture in the same post. They added Blogger to Picassa but for some reason it only allows one picture at a time. Does Google hate Blogger?

I really need to get one of those bread makers. Looks good!
I'm using Photobucket currently. Its free and you can link to it using standard IMG tags. I don't think Blogger filters those out...

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