Friday, October 14, 2005


Visual development environments

I totally had this great idea for a World of Warcraft mod. It was so good and I think the implementation will be so easy that I spent about 3 hours yesterday poking at the WoW UI. The problem is that there's no Visual Warcraft UI editor. I have to guess at where controls go, how big things should be, etc. Sorry, but I'm not visually oriented at all and trial and error is not appealing when reloading the UI takes so long. Not to mention it isn't working too well for me but that's probably because I have a bunch of broken mods or something.

On a positive note, the UI is fully modular and very extensible in a friendly and logical way. Now I just have to wait for the WoW UI designer to come out. And do a bunch of coding. My estimate for my uber mod: 200 lines of code. Minus all the xml shit I mean.

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