Monday, November 07, 2005


Activestate Activeperl for Windows x64

Hey, I have a question, Activestate: when are you going to release an x64 version of Activeperl? There's already a Solaris version available. The 32 bit version works 90% ok but there are key issues which are a deal breaker for me here. One is that 32 bit apps can't see the entire registry. Another is that 32 bit apps can't spawn 64 bit children. These issues make sysadmin tasks with ActivePerl impossible on a 64 bit system.

Even stranger is the lack of communication from ActiveState on this issue. The only thing search turns up is a mailing list message from July asking when/if 64 bit Windows support will be available. Is this thing on? :)

Tap the screen harder, they'll hear you!
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