Tuesday, November 01, 2005



This module writing stuff is addictive. I tell you if you are a programmer and haven't done it yet, I highly suggest it. Write a module and submit it to CPAN, or start an open source project, or contribute something. You feel like you're leaving a legacy. All my coding to this point has been selfish, I have released virtually nothing. Had I known the feeling you get when someone uses your code, I would have been coding all along. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your code used. That's probably untrue but suffice to say it's very satisfying.

I don't know if anyone has even looked at the Perl module yet. I do know that between the Perl module and the scripts I've created at work, my code is getting out there. I have gotten feedback on the code at work and it's pretty uber. I'm totally excited to keep contributing.

Incidentally, if you are enjoying the fruits of a small OSS project, take a moment to thank the author. They will appreciate it!

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