Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Obtuse companies

The company I work for has some pretty rigid procurement rules. They're big. These rules, though, are not off the wall. We have preferred suppliers who we've negotiated deals with. If product isn't available from the preferred supplier, we get a quote and send it to purchasing, where it's "handled".

Today, I decided to try to order Zend Studio. It's an awesome IDE for PHP. As far as the IDE and the debugger, it's as good as Visual Studio. The problem: Zend doesn't support the quote - PO process... at least not the way my company needs it. Quotes are saved in my shopping cart (?). Supposedly they do take POs but... ugh. I submitted it through the chain, we'll see how it goes. With management approval it will wind up in the Q1 buying cycle. Should be fun. So anyway, they're obtuse as well :)

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